We Build Products to Enhance
Your Innermost Passion for Gaming
At MobaBeast, we believe gaming can be blended with productivity. When productive work is imbued with qualities of game play -- that is, with freedom, creativity, and imagination, we experience that work as play. It is our vision to STEP UP YOUR GAME by fueling ideas with creativity and talent, then delivering a high quality product with continuous updates and improvements, while harnessing your precious feedback. Our core objective being to create a family of companion apps that will inspire gamers like you for years to come.
MobaBeast is led by Florence Espinoza (CEO), co-founder Thomas Hansen (CTO), a handful of talented independent contractors and a myriad of community volunteers and fans. Based in the USA we have built our apps to support over thousands of daily active users throughout multiple regions utilizing a global footprint.

If you are visiting us as a user of our products…we humbly thank you for your support. If you are here for the first time we welcome you to try one of our apps at LoLwiz.gg, Ekko.gg or LiveTactics.gg …always FREE, always FUN!

Many thanks...!
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